Panther Orchestra 5

Summer beginning string classes begin in August. The schedule is e-mailed to parents in July.

Panther Orchestra 5 meets every Thursday.

Students are also scheduled to have an instrument class each week. The 5th grade lesson schedule can be found in Schoology after it is emailed to parents.

All orchestra students are expected to practice out side of lessons and orchestra rehearsals. Students who have the most success find some time to play their instrument every day for at least 15-30 minutes. Students are encouraged to record their practice time on the PIE (Play Instrument Everyday) Chart. These are available at school and on the Schoology page for the Panther Orchestra 5 .

A complete listing of all 5-12 orchestra events and other information can be found on the Schoology page for Panther Orchestra 5.

If you have questions please contact: Joseph Mish