Emily Davis

Welcome to 6th Grade!  I am excited about reading and math and I am very eager to share my enthusiasm with all of you!  There is so much to learn about our world and the people in it and middle school is the perfect time to explore those ideas.

I also have a love for water and enjoy spending time swimming and learning how to fish with my friends and family.  I love visiting a new lake (good thing we have over 10,000 in Minnesota)!

I will be meeting students at their level and encouraging them to challenge themselves.  In my classroom, we practice independently and in small groups, as well as work together as a class to tackle big concepts. We encourage each other and support each others learning.

Students will use the book they are reading in the 100 Book Challenge to analyze and practice their comprehension skills, as well as age-appropriate articles that address issues in our world.  
Taking time to read each night will enhance their experience in class. 

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected], or call extension 3349

I look forward to a fun and productive year!

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