Holiday Helpers:

Our whole community has been helping...Thank you ! 
We have 138 items left on the link for Holiday Helpers. Some people have expressed interest in shopping over the weekend, so we are extending the deadline for bringing presents to next Wednesday, Dec 19th! โ„๏Ž„โ„

I'm including the link again, below in case you need it ! 
Here you go shoppers :) If you click on the link you can choose items to shop for to buy for our kiddos that need a little help this holiday season ! ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„โ„


Thank you EVERYONE for your willingness to shop for our needy Pine Island/Oronoco/ area kiddos !

There is also a book with paper tags at the bank of Pine Island.

Remember - gifts can be dropped off at the PI bank, Community Ed Office, or with Jeanie Rucker in the district office, by Dec 19th !
Feel free to call 356-8876 with any questions :) 

Kelly Barker ~ Happiness is in the journey :)
Pine Island Community Education, 507-356-8876

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