All School Play

Heroes This year’s fall play is “Temporary Heroes” a romantic ‘dramedy’ set in the Little Italy section of New York City. “Temporary Heroes” is the story of Shelby and Sal, two aspiring artists who wait tables at an Italian cafe and dream of bigger things. As a blizzard bears down on the neighborhood, Shelby and Sal serve the quirky cast of regular customers, face new hires, test the lengths of their friendship, and weigh the risks of taking one giant leap of faith that may allow them everything, and everyone, they’ve ever wanted.

Auditions are the worst part of any play production! The play has a small cast, just 10 speaking parts, so auditions will be competitive. Additionally, I will consider casting up to 5 extras, non-speaking parts who will appear in scenes as diners, cooks, etc. If you audition and are not cast in a role, please consider helping with the production in a stage crew role. We’ll need people to help with set building, painting, lights and sound, gathering props and costumes, etc.

The Audition Process:

  1. Sign up for an audition time on the sheet outside Mrs. Laack’s room.

  2. Prepare one of the gender appropriate monologues. Your monologue is not required to be memorized, HOWEVER it does make your audition stronger to come in and perform from memory.

  3. Come to the auditorium on the date and time of your audition. Your audition will go something like this:

  • Monologues

  • Scene reading

  • Improv

      4. You’re all done! Feel great that you put yourself out there, and wait for the cast list to be posted, rehearsal dates, scripts etc!