Pep Band

Pep Band is a required activity for Wind Ensemble 10-12 students and is an extra credit opportunity for students in Concert Band 8-9 if they choose.

PEP BAND CAMP will be held on September 9, 2017, from 6-9 p.m.
This camp is when students will learn the basics of the pep band music. Bring your own beverage. Snacks will be provided by Mrs. Hoppe & the upperclass band students.

Wearing a Pep Band shirt to each performance is highly recommended. 
If you need a shirt ordered for you, please email Mrs. Hoppe with the adult size that you would prefer and whether you would like a long or short-sleeved t-shirt. (Short sleeved shirts are usually $10-15 and long-sleeved shirts are around $20; depending on how many need to be ordered.) Students may pay for the shirt when it is delivered.