6th Grade Math Power Standards

These are the 6th grade power standards that will be taught in 6th grade this year. 

  • I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals and fractions.
  • I can use or demonstrate percents, find the ratio of a number, and what percent one number is of another number. (Percents not less than one)
  • I can use multiplication and division to solve ratio and rate problems.
  • I can convert between and compare fractions, decimals, and percents.
  • I can find the greatest common factor and least common multiple, use them with fractions, and find equivalent fractions.
  • I can convert between rational numbers involving exponents, mixed numbers, and improper fractions.
  • I can locate rational numbers on a number line and plot pairs of numbers on a coordinate grid.
  • I can solve equations and inequalities involving variables.
  • I can use graphs, tables, charts, patterns, and rules to solve problems.
  • I can find the measurement of missing angles in triangles, other polygons, and when lines intersect.
  • I can find the sum of the interior angles of polygons.
  • I can find the area and perimeter of a variety of figures such as squares, rectangles, triangles, and parallelograms, and irregular figures.
  • I can find the surface area and volume of prisms.
  • I can convert using common equivalents in weight, measurement, capacity, and time.
  • I can determine the probability of an event and represent this as a fraction, decimal, and percent.
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